Metre Squared Solid Plastering also known as M2 Solid Plastering is a reputable business known for delivering high standards.

With many years experience on both Heritage Projects and New Commercial projects across Melbourne delivering nothing but quality with leading successful Melbourne based builders who continue to engage us time and time again with a high level of satisfaction whilst we have a strong history of stability and loyalty to our customers.


Metre Squared specialize in the complex challenges of Heritage Restoration Projects with a passion for re-building facades combining all the elements of traditional and modern construction. Rectification and Restoration of original period buildings requiring Ornamental embellishments including conservation works and Lathen Plaster ceiling stabilizations and repairs.

Director Mark Doidge has had extensive knowledge with over 34 years experience in the trade. Mark has worked on many complex high profile projects including Government House and Parliament House M2’s team of qualified Solid Plasterers are highly skilled in all aspects of rendering always delivering a high level of quality.

Metre Squared is a fully liscensed and insured company.